Dark Ocean


Terror on the open sea


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Dark Ocean is a horrific third person perspective game in which players play as Liz, the only survivor of a viral outbreak on a ship that she herself designed. She finds herself alone, surrounded by zombies, trapped in a metal prison of her own making.

To get out alive, our hero will have to face off with a variety of zombie-like creatures capable of climbing on the walls and the ceiling.

To defend herself against these creatures our hero can use several makeshift weapons such as a flare gun or the blinding effect of a camera's flash mechanism for a quick escape.

Although in many cases you will find yourself surrounded by enemies, you will also have to solve different puzzles along the way to escape from challenging situations.

Dark Ocean is a formidable horror game. Although certain visual aspects of the game could use some improvement, it can certainly provide a few good scares to more alert players. The game, apart from being Spanish, is also free.
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